Tool Suite V3
+ Autotrader
  • Peace of Mind: Know everything about your trade before you pull the trigger
  • Fear Not: From now on, you may have no worries about the market because you now ammo.
  •  Faster -n- Lightnin': 5 seconds VS. 2 Weeks
Product Specs:
  • Time Frame: Signals around the clock or limit your trading times
  •  Chart Time Frame: Use any time frame chart
  •  Broker: Use Any Broker of your choice
  • Broker Offset: Adjust your broker time to match your local time
  • Many Expiry Durations: From 1 Minute to Monthly & in between
  •  Direction: Long, Short, or Both Directions
  •  Interval: Choose from standard or custom 'strike' intervals
  •  Time Filter: Filter your signals from day, week, month, etc...
  •  Custom Colors: Choose your own layout
  •  Multi-Charting: Use it on as many charts as you like, consecutively
  •  Pop Up Alerts: Receive Pop Up Alerts when a new signal occurs
  •  Emails: Send signals to your email
  •  SMS: Send signals to your phone
  • Combinations: Over 1 Trillion Combinations
  • ITM: Exact Probabilities on 4 different ITM Strike Levels
  • OTM: Exact Probabilities on 4 different OTM Strike Levels
  •  ATM: Exact probabilities on every ATM Strike
  •  Max Consecutive Loss: Shows every loss & where it came
  •  Max ConsecutiveWin: Shows every win & where it came
  •  Total Signals Generated: Shows exact number of signals
  •  Look Back: Choose how far back you will research
  •  Save Templates: Got a great Setup? Save it & Use it later!
  •  Consider Signals After A Loss: Probabilities based upon losses
  •  Time Frame: Use Any Time Frame Available
  •  CSV Files: Save your work & Upload to Strategy Sheets
  •  Strategy Sheets: See visual equity charts of any strategy
  •  Naked Forex
  •  Hedged Forex
  •  Metals & Futures
  •   Straddles
  •   Condors
  •   Stocks & Index Funds
  •  Multiple Parameters: Choose up to 4 consecutive Indicators
  •  Multiple Parameters: Choose up to 16 various combinations
  •  on and on and on.............
Let's do an experiment!
Right now, at this very instant, I want you to get up, go to your kitchen, open up a jar of pickles and pour it all over the floor. 

If you do this, what is the probability that your spouse will be angry with you? Probably very high! Would you say in the 70-90% range?
let's flip it around. This time, I want you to hold the door for the next person that is behind you at the local super market.

If you do this, what is the probability that the person will be angry with you? Probably very low! Would you say in the 5-10% range?
Now what if you could know, with absolute certainty, how often someone would be happy or mad with you, every time you did a certain thing; opened the door for them, washed their car, ate potato chips too loudly, etc...

In time, you start to notice these things and begin to know with a pretty good idea about how your actions affect those around you. It doesn't happen over night.
The markets are no different. You can know if a strategy works by simply calculating all of the data by hand. This takes hours, days, and weeks of torturous headaches. We have made this junk very simple for you!
How simple is this tool?
Let's look at a real life example.
Below, you will see a blank chart of the EURUSD. This asset tracks the exchange rate between the European Union and the United States. As you can see, the chart is pretty basic. It goes up and comes down. It's just a simple chart. 
How do we trade it? 
How do we know where signals come from? 

This is where INDICATORS come into play. An indicator is a tool you place onto your trading platform that shows you signals. 
These signals can be used to place trades.

For instance, many forex educators tell you to buy when the RSI is below 30. Welp, what is an RSI?
The RSI is an indicator. It is technically called an oscillator because the values fall between 0 and 100. The squiggly line flops back and forth between these 2 zones marking areas of strength or weakness. When a market gets too strong or weak, reversals may occur and this is what the RSI can show you. Right out of the box, the RSI is difficult to understand. You can see the lines moving of course but...

How often does price rise after dipping below 30?
Exactly, how long does it take for price to fall by 32 pips after reach the oversold area of 70?

What is it? 56%? 89%? 100%

Since we don't know, and can't tell without hours upon hours of calculations, on the scene comes The Probability Tool Suite!
This tool will show you everything you could ever want to know about your trade. You will be able to scan through, LITERALLY 100's of charts and strategies per hour. It would take you the equivalent of 100 hours of manual calculations versus 15 minutes with the tool suite.
How Can it Help Me?
Let's look at a real life example.
When many people first start trading, the first indicator they hear about is the RSI so this is why we are using it in these scenarios. They grab a free RSI online, download it, install it, and off they go!

Buying and Selling! Making Pips all over the place and losing twice as many, twice as fast! This is the normal realization of trader... The RSI teachings on the internet don't work, never did work, and probably never will work.
Let me ask you a question...
? Do you place a trade when it touches or after it comes back into the range?
? What do you do when RSI is outside of the range?
? How long does it take to make or lose 75 pips, on average?
? What's the best Stop Loss?
? What's the best Take Profit?
? Exactly how often does this setup actually win?
? How often, with precision, do trades come?
? Which trading sessions are better?
? What is the win rate if you combine a long term and short term RSI?
? What happens if you want to use the RSI in conjunction with other indicators, as confirmation?
What happens if you only want to take these RSI trades 
between 4:06am and 9:17am 
only on Tuesdays in December? 
What's the win rate then?
On and On. The questions never stop coming but 
the Probability Tool Suite knows the answer to every question above... 
and does it in about 5 seconds flat!
Show me Numbers!
We are going to take real life examples and simply display a few things that the Probability Tool Suite can do.
Based upon a 14 period RSI, we know with 100% accuracy 
that the EURUSD experienced the following:
  • 75 pip Take Profit & 75 pip Stop Loss: 52% win rate. 171 signals from September 2016 till August 2018
  •  30 pip Take Profit & 100 pip Stop Loss 24.19% win rate & only had 2 consecutive winners in a row
  •  10 pip Take Profit & 200 pip Stop Loss 92.24% win rate. Over the course of 219 signals, it didn't lose twice in a row
  •  50 pip Take Profit & 50 pip Stop Loss only between 4:06 & 9:17am on Tuesdays in December: Zero Percent. No trades occurred during this time.
  •   50 pip Take Profit & 50 pip Stop Loss on Tuesdays in December: Exactly 50%. There were only 4 signals given. 2 Wins. 2 Losses.
  •   82 pip Take Profit & 67 pip Stop Loss only during the first week of every month: 45.71%. Crossing into overbought/oversold
  •  82 pip Take Profit & 67 pip Stop Loss only during the first week of every month: 54.05%. Crossing out of overbought/oversold
All of the above data took Ryan 3 minutes and 42 seconds to compile.
Tool Suite V3
  • Peace of Mind: Know everything about your trade before you pull the trigger
  • Fear Not: From now on, you may have no worries about the market because you now ammo.
  •  Faster -n- Lightnin': 5 seconds VS. 2 Weeks
What Indicators are Pre-Installed
The RSI is only the tip of the Iceberg!
Inside the Probability Tool Suite, You can combine any of the following:
  • RSI: Cross into OB/OS, Cross out of OB/OS, Cross above or below mid level, and more...
  • ADX: +Di/-Di Cross only, +Di/-Di Cross w/ADX above level, +Di/-Di Trend Line in sync, and more...
  • Bar Run: Finds consecutive candles in the same direction, Finds consecutively opposing candles
  •  Bollinger Bands: Price inside bands upon re-enter, Price breaking out of bands, Price above/below Mid Band, and more...
  •  Candle Patterns: Morning/Evening Star, Bullish/Bearish Engulfing, Three Bar Reversal, and more...
  •  CCI: Cross into OB/OS, Cross out of OB/OS, Inside OB/OS, and more...
  •  Heiken Ashi: Change from Bearish to Bullish/ Bullish to Bearish, Bullish/Bearish Bar, and more...
  •  Ichimoku: Tenkan/Kjun Cross & Free Chikou Span, Senkou Cross, & about 10 other settings...
  •  MacD: Cross of Main Signal into range, Cross of main signal beyond threshhold, & 4 more settings...
  •  Moving Averages: SMA, EMA, SMMA, LWMA, Cross of fast above/below Slow, & 9 more settings...
  •  New Trend Arrows: Advanced Price Channel with fast and slow channel periods
  •  Parabolic PSAR: Direction Change, Bar above/below psar
  •  Pivot Points: Cloe above/below chosen pivot level, Wick touch & Reverse, & 6 other settings...
  •  Rate of Change: Cross into OB/OS, Cross out of OB/OS, Cross above or below mid level, and more...
  •  Stochastic: Cross into OB/OS while main signal line trending in sync, & 9 other settings...
  •  Volume: above or below average, above or below standard deviation multiple
The Best Part! - Mix & Match!
You can pair any indicator with any other indicator!
If you would like to see how often price rises by 114 pips, over the course of 17 days, 
by buying when the RSI is below 17 and confirming it with the Stochastics and MacD
.  .  .  You CAN!
Show me Even MORE Numbers!
Test Any Asset on Earth... Literally.
If you can get the data into your Meta Trader Platform, the Probability Tool Suite can test it. Here are a few examples.
So Did You Know...?
  • DJ30 Futures: Friday is the best day to trade an hourly 4 Bar Run. It beats every other day by 15-20%.
  •  Nasdaq Composite: With an ADX setting, it fires off a signal that expires profitable ATM 54.17% of the time on a daily chart.
  • GBPJPY: If 4 consecutive bars come and volume is above 1 standard deviation, the very next hourly bar will be an opposing bar 70.21% of the time. This particular setup has only had 2 consecutive losses during the entire test. In the same time period, it experienced up to 8 consecutive wins. This occurs during the New York trading session between 9am and 4pm Eastern.
  •  GOLD: On an hourly chart...If the 10 period simple moving average is in sync with the 100 period moving average AND the Rate of Change is trending AND we are using a 75 tick Stop Loss and a 200 tick Take Profit, this results in a 61.36% win rate. Boom! That's positive expectancy!
  •  AUDJPY: Using Heiken Ashi on a weekly chart, we know that over the course of 265 weekly signals since 1998, a butterfly 100 pips up or down occurred profitable 53.58% of the time. 200 pip butterflies were profitable 81% of the time.
  •  Netflix: This Entertainment company climbs in value (on the very next trading day) by $1 about 75% of the time whenever it sees 4 consecutive bullish bars on a daily chart. If we look at 5 bullish days in a row, the win rate jumps to 78.57%. After we see 6 bullish days in a row, believe it or not but the very next day has an 85% probability of climbing by another dollar. After 7 days of consecutive winning days, the tide turns and the probabilities start falling again. Nothing last forever.
Not Only can you test any asset but you can also test any time frame and any expiry.
Disclaimer: Although the above statements are true, they may change over time. These calculations were taken on Friday, August 25, 2018.
Win Rates don't mean anything unless you can SEE it!
OMG! The Strategy Sheets! These are pre-formatted templates that you can upload data to. Simply grab your data from the Probability Tool Suite. ( It will automatically print out a CSV on every single iteration of your strategies.) Below, you will see examples of what information your strategy sheets will show you. We will begin with an example trade...
Here, we are testing an RSI setting. We can see that with the settings, we have an upward equity curve. 
We already know it's profitable because on the data box, it says it's 57.88% profitable. 
But we wanted to paint a picture...
So we brought you the Strategy Sheets. Look at all the additional information you will be able to see!
Exactly what time of the day is YOUR strategy most profitable? 
We know but do you? Our strategy above does best at 5am. If I were trading this strategy, i would 
totally trade it between 8pm and 7am. Can you see why by looking at the picture below?
How often does your trade win or lose:
2 in a row? 
3 in a row?
4 in a row?
...and why is this even useful?
Imagine that you had a strategy that won the majority of the time and it lost about 3 times in a row on average. Now take that and also imagine that you just got home from work, turned on your trading platform and saw that the 2 previous trades were losers and a signal just came out...

You would already know, had you been using The Probability Tool Suite that this particular strategy only loses 3 in a row 13.82% of the time. This means that this particular trade has an 86.18% probability of winning. This is based upon signals generated over the past 292 signals.
Heck! You can even see it visually!
We preach that the best way to blow an account is with Martingale. However... Martingale done the correct way might look like this...
This shows you a 4 period martingale. This is when you double up to 4 times only. When you lose, you will lose big. You can see a few dips in the equity curve above. You will win a lot. The reason this strategy blows out accounts is because traders wont stick to 4 and they go to 5 and 6 and still lose because they have a crappy strategy. Well now, you can see if your strategy works or not before trading it.
Same Strat. Different Money Management...
Below we see the exact same strategy but using a different money management method. 
You can see that it does work most of the time but it can break down over time as well. 
You can't see things like this without the Probability Tool Suite.
Disclaimer: Although the above statements are true, they may change over time. These calculations were taken on Tuesday Sep 4, 2018.
Tool Suite V3
  • Peace of Mind: Know everything about your trade before you pull the trigger
  • Fear Not: From now on, you may have no worries about the market because you now ammo.
  •  Faster -n- Lightnin': 5 seconds VS. 2 Weeks
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