Cantor Exchange launches CXMARKETS.COM

Cantor Exchange has released an education portal for their binary options exchange. 

Written November 11, 2015 by Ryan Herron




Cantor Exchange is rapidly becoming a rising star in the binary options world. This CFTC regulated exchange has increased liquidity by over 200% in the last few months. They continue to listen to their clients and try to tailor products in a manner that works out great for every trader who participates. The binary options world is small in comparison to other markets but the word is getting out that Cantor Exchange is creating what traders want.



They just released a new website CXMARKETS.COM that serves as an educational portal to anyone interested in learning more about trading binary options or about the exchange. The ‘soft launch’ was an exciting event yesterday when a small group of traders participated in a webinar that was geared for reviewing the content of this website. I will give you a little rundown below.



Refer friends and get paid! – One of the best reasons I know to take a closer look at the exchange is the fact that they will pay you to refer your trading colleagues. According to the website: All exchange participants are eligible to participate in this free program. To earn incentive payments, all you have to do is refer people to the Cantor Exchange! Whether you are trying to introduce other traders to the Exchange or if you are just encouraging your close family and friends to try it out, you can benefit from your referrals. Your payments are based on the trading activity of those Participants you have referred to the Exchange. 



Trading Interfaces – Currently there are several interfaces on the radar to be able to access the exchange. SpotOption and a mobile app are up and running. Tradologic and Tech Financials are coming soon. According to the website: The Cantor Exchange can be accessed any time the market is open from anywhere using any of these trading interfaces! We are constantly striving to offer each of our Participants an optimal trading experience so they can trade to their best ability. We launched our very ownIndependent Software Vendor (ISV) Program to provide Exchange Participants with the tools to trade to their best potential. Through this program, Cantor Exchange is able to offer Participants the opportunity to choose which of the trading interfaces listed below they would like to use to trade.



API Connection – Trader can create their own programs to interact with the exchange and even receive rebates for doing so! According to the website: Cantor Exchange offers Participants the opportunity to connect electronically via our Cantor Direct system, allowing Participants to submit live orders into the Exchange and receive our market data. Further, when connecting via our API, Participants are able to integrate third party trading programs and services, customizing their individual trading experience. It gets better! All Participants connected to the Exchange via our API are eligible to receivefee rebates based on their trading activity. There is no cost to participate in this program!



Binary Options Educators – They have an educators tab at that lists various leading educators in the industry. Some of the current educators are Ryan Herron of Joaquin TradingAbe Cofnas of Binary DimensionsAlfred and David Carroll of Binary Options Tutor, and Tradën Group. Whatever you are looking for may be available with one of these binary options educators.



Referring Partners – How would you like to open your own brokerage? Well you can. According to the website: By registering through a Referring Partner that is an Introducing Broker (IB) or Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), you will be able to take advantage of a variety of individualized assistance and advice they provide. A Referring Partner is an individual or firm that may solicit or refer another Person to become a Participant of the Cantor Exchange. Referring Partners are a part of the Cantor Exchange Referral Incentive Program.



Video Tutorials – There are video tutorials about trading binary options via Cantor Exchange provided by Ryan Herron of Joaquin Trading. 


As an Educator of the Cantor Exchange, Ryan Herron of Joaquin Trading has produced an educational video series titled Cantor Exchange University. Ryan’s videos cover all sorts of topics, from funding your Cantor Exchange account to more advanced trading techniques.


Video #1: How to Open and Fund an Account

A step by step guide for opening and funding an account at Cantor Exchange.


Video #2: Overview of SpotOption Interface

Detailed walk through of the SpotOption interface for trading on Cantor Exchange.


Video #3: Basic Binary Options Terms and Definitions

Description of Call, Put, strikes, expiries, and other terms used in reference to trading binary options on Cantor Exchange.


Video #4: Trade Entry Settlement Example on SpotOption Interface

Review of how to place and monitor your trades, including the Open Positions tab, using the SpotOption interface.


Video #5: Closing a Trade Early Using SpotOption Interface with Cantor Exchange

Demonstration of two ways to close a trade (position) before expiration using the SpotOption interface.


Video #6: Standard Assets, Strikes, and Expiries on Cantor Exchange

Thorough review of available assets, expiries, strikes, rolling strikes, and pricing on Cantor Exchange.


There is an array of information at and this information list will likely grow as fast as the exchange grows. There was some talk, yesterday in the launch webinar, about adding tools and gadgets, commentary and news, and a whole array of other things. Pay close attention to this exchange and visit often to stay on top of the new information.


Here is my video review of the website in general.

Happy Trading!

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