In and Out Burger: Trading the Markets



Last month, my family and I went to California on vacation. While seeing the sites and all, we got super hungry one day. Our tour guide, Remson, decided to treat us to an experience of eating at a place called ‘In and Out Burger’. I have never eaten at this restaurant so I was eager to try it. What I was about to encounter just blew me away and I still have no idea why.

Here is a picture of In and Out Burger…




It just looked like a normal, ordinary restaurant, right? WRONG!!! This place has so much hype that people literally stand in lines going all the way out the door. In the drive through, cars are out in the road awaiting an opportunity to grace this fine establishments perimeter. I was thinking to myself, ” What the…?” as we tried to find a parking spot to eat lunch.

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Well as fate would have it, we did not find a parking spot. We ended up driving practically all over downtown Hollywood to find a spot and ended up parking 1/4 mile away. I was thinking that since it was Hollywood, this might be the casue of all the traffic but I found out later I was wrong. It seems that no matter where you go, all In and Out Burger restaurants are the same… PACKED! Why is this?


What on earth is sooo good about this place that keeps people waitng in line for 30-45 minutes for a hamburger? Is it the fact that the burgers are so delicious? Are there naked cashiers? I was totally scratching my head to find out why?

So we finally got inside. I knew that once we got inside, there would be an orderly line to the counter…



Nope! Inside was even worse. There were literally 47 orders ahead of mine when we finally got to the counter. Almost 100 people were standing around awaiting their food. There was even 2 couples fighting over 1 table… Who got their first and all. People were crouching over the ‘eaters’ waiting to grab their table the split second they were finished. I saw one guy get up to go get a drink and when he got back, a stranger had already taken his seat, which was beside the mans wife.


This all seemed absurd!


We finally ordered our food, and waited…. and waited…. and waited…. Ahhh we spotted a family and due to scientific calculations, we knew they were about 7 minutes away from wrapping up their meal. They had already eaten 3/4 of their burgers and fries and were starting to sit back in their seat. This was out golden opportunity!!! We were eyeing these seats. A rival couple was eyeing the SAME seats! I felt as if a fight was about to encompass the entire restaurant. Rocky Balboa here!


As the first lady, who was done with her food, gently stood up, my wife slid in between her and the table and smoothly stole the seat while I “accidentally” stood in front of the couple who were eyeing those same seats. Sorry folks but my 4 year old was hungry. One by one, the members of the ‘eating’ party got up and one by one, the members of my waiting party would take their seat. No need to clean the tables…


Finally our food came. I was wondering if it would be wrapped in gold at the sight of the vast number of people that were in there. What was laid before me was just ordinary hamburgers and fries. No fru fru whatsoever!



What?!?! This is it?

Well I am here. Now I need to find out if their burgers were the best in the world. I started on my burger and it was good; not great but just a good burger. As I sat there eating this good burger, I was still perplexed at what all the fuss was about. Why on earth would all these people fight traffic and crowds to eat at this restaurant. I was perplexed then and still am today. I did notice one thing though. Their menu.


On their menu, there was no double grilled mushroom and swizz triple tofu burger. There was no mega angus 2 pounder with cheddar. None of that. There was no chili double gravy fires with a side of horse radish and clams. They didn’t offer caesar salads with crumpets and  au ju. All they had were burgers and fries.



Above you can see their menu. That’s it!


Now the question is this… What’s their secret? Why are they sooo successful? I have a theory.




Maybe they are so successful from their simplicity. They offer burger and fries, period. When someone comes in, they know what their order will be. When someone asks their spouse to pick up dinner from In and Out Burger, they already know what their spouse wants. It’s simple, easy, and effective. In essence, you could say that there is zero guess work as to what someone is there for. It is already known.


In trading, how many times have you spent months trying to decipher a trading strategy? It seems like on the majority of strategies, you have to learn a college textbook of rules just to understand why it works the way it works. After you understand the concepts, you then have to decide on your own which rules you want to follow and which ones you don’t. Everything is subjective and there are no black and white results. Maybe you have been frustrated because there is so much information overload and it is driving you through the wall.


Maybe you see Joe Blow over there and he trades a system so simple that it requires no chart reading and no deciphering. It seems so flipping simple that it can’t work. Yet he posts his results day after day after day after day. You are awaiting the day he blows his account out but that never comes. He keeps posting his results and you keep sitting on the sidelines trying to learn a system that you have not beena ble to master in5 years.  I mean how could Joe Blow beat all the wall street analyists with their fancy tools, their super fast servers, and their armani suits?


You notice traders who begin to trade with Joe Blow. They are all making profitable trades and you are still wondering what all the fuss is about? You are as perplexed as I was while I stood inside In and Out Burger. Maybe it is not up to us to know the why of success but to just observe what success looks like and compare a simple trading system to one that you will never be able to figure out.


In and Out burger is a successful restaurant due to their simplicity. Joaquin Trading is a successful trading business due to our simplicity in the way we trade the markets. Kinda makes you wonder, huh? Could it be possible that too many trading educators out there are trying to make it difficult so you will come back for more? Could it be that Stock brokers actually know less than you do? Could in be that Goldman Sachs are ripping off their clients but they are so good at sales they actually make their clients happy while screwing them over?


Maybe you are questioning these things right now. How long will you have questions? Who the crap knows?! I will tell you one thing though. Trading the markets is never easy but it can be simple. You CAN know a black and white area of the chart to get in and also to get out with zero guess work.

This zero guess work is what I work with clients about every day. I am working to try to make the trading world bit more transparent. I am working to show people how to analyze by using good old fashioned common sense instead of just following every guru under then sun or every new toy that comes along. It seems like every day, there is a new strategy that abounds and newbie traders jump all over that junk.

Why not try something simple?


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