important update


This strategy we are using is making many of you wonder. It has lost a lot over the past week. I will continue to trade it but I am in the process of looking for intra-day opportunities for you as well. In the best interest of you and I, I have decided to discontinue payments for you. I will still send out signals via twitter but will not charge you for them for now. The reason behind this is that I want my strategies to speak for themselves over the long run. Keep trading demo and watch as the profits erase the losses over time.

Now I posted a link to trend following equity curves on our facebook group. I urge you to read it and you will better understand what I am doing. S until further notice, you will receive the signals for free and as the days and weeks pass, and as the profits begin to mount again, you will have confidence in the strategy.

So I will see you all tomorrow! Thank you

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