This weeks nadex recap. July 28-Aug 1 2014

Here I will recap our trades for this week. If you took every signal, this will show how our profits and losses happened. On some trades, some clients got filled at different prices but all I can show is the exact signals.

Monday July 28- 

Buy WS30>16830 (4:15pm) for $50. We took profit at $95 at 1:25pm. Profit = $45

Buy US Small Cap 2000>1145.0 (WEEKLY) for $41
Profit for the day = $45

Tuesday July 29- 
Sell WS30 bull spread16500-1690 415pm @ 16495. We took a slight profit.. Profit = $3

Buy WS30>16890 for $50. (This trade went down to $49 and then shot to 95 in about 15 minutes.. Some clients had their entry set at 55 got filled at this price and took profit at $95. I did not get filled because I kept my entry at 50. Even though some clients got filled, I can not include this in my daily P/L)

Profit for the day = $3

12:21 pm Sell US TECH100>3950 WEEKLY for $55

After Nadex opened back up at 6PM, We took these trades and held them all night.
Buy WS30 daily 16900-17300 @ 16914
sell US500 daily 500 1920.0-1960.0@ 1958.2

Wednesday July 30 – 
We took profit of $24 on both bull spreads. Profit = $48. Some clients didn’t take profit at $24 but held and made more. Some clients didnt take profit and lost both for a net loss of -$32

Profit for the day = $48

Sell US Tech 100>3950 (WEEKLY) for $55

Thursday July 31- 

We closed US Tech WEEKLY Sell Position for $10. Profit = $45

Buy WS30>16700 for $50. Closed at a loss -$30
Buy WS30>16640 for $50. Closed at a loss -$25

Loss for the day = ($10)

Friday Aug 1 – 
Our Weekly US Small Cap 200>1145 expired OTM. Loss = $41

Buy DAILY US500 1930-1970 @ 1931. Took profit @+$30
Sell WS30 8am-415p 16100-16400 @ 16389. Took prfit @ +$17

Profit for the day +$6

Total P/L for the week = +$92
Trading 5 contracts = $460
Trading 10 contracts = $920
Trading 25 contracts = $2,300

Thoughts about this week…

Even though we were profitable, there was a time this week that I was just in misery. On Thursday, the DOW dropped something like 317 points. We were trying to buy on a dip. Lucky for us, we were in a binary trade and only lost a small amount. Losses happen. When they do, try not to beat yourself up. I spent the whole day with an upset stomach because I had lost my clients their money. But as I tell them all, in the end, it will be ok…and it was.

Take each trade but do not focus on it. One trade is just one trade. You look at the end of the week or end of the month and you will be fine.

Here is to another successful week!

Things I need to focus on…

Often when I send out signals, some clients have told me they didnt know exactly what I mean. So yesterday, I started streamlining the “wording” to make it a bit easier. I think that is fixed but I will continue to strive to be as clear as possible.

To my clients…

You are all awesome! Thank you and feel free to ask me questions about anything you don’t understand.

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