How to calculate Take Profit Levels on Nadex Bull Spreads

It is really simple. I will not over complicate it. There are several hour long webinars out there on the web that shows how to do this but I will tell you in a few short sentences. Nadex profit and loss is equal to $1 per tick. What is a tick? It is the LAST digit on any bull spread. If the Gold price is 1299.6, then that last digit (6) is what you want to look at. If the Wall Street 30 price is 16430, then the last digit (0) is the digit you want to watch. When calculating your TP, all you have to do is erase the point, if there is a point in the quote such as the one in the Gold price at 1299.6 If I want to calculate at what price a $30 profit means, lets pretend I am selling, then this is how you do it… 12996 (take out the point) MINUS 30 = 12966. Then add the point back in. 1296.6 1296.6 is the price you want to take profit at to make a potential $30 profit. Lets look at the Wall St 30 at a price of 16430. If you sold it at 16430 and wanted a $45 profit, where would you set your TP at? 16430 MINUS 45 EQUALS 16385. 16430-45= 16385 So 16385 is where you want to buy it back. So what about buying? how do I calculate buying? Answer… Just ADD instead of SUBTRACT If I want a profit of $30… 16430 PLUS 30 EQUALS 16460. 16460 is where you set your TP And on the Gold trade, if I want a $30 profit when buying… Remember to take out the decimal. 1299.6 will become 12996 12996 PLUS 30 EQUALS 13026. Add the decimal back in… 1302.6 is your TP price. That’s it.

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