Abbreviations for our signals and a few guidelines

Here is a list of abbreviations we use in our signals and what they mean. I will try to fit the actual words in the text but I often abbreviate due to limited space.

WS30 = Wall ST. 30

USSC2000 = U.S. Small Cap 2000

TP = Take Profit. This is the area that you want to close your trade at a profit.

SL = Stop Loss. This is the area you want to close your trade at a loss.

WO = Working Order. If we send our a price level to buy or sell at and it is not where the market currently is, Nadex will place this trade in a working order window to fill at a later time.

BS = Bull Spread Trade

BO = Binary Option Trade

B/E =  Break Even

@ = “At” a certain price

Also, Below are a few guide lines to remember:

If we set a TP @ 16540 and price is at 16535, you do not have to message me to ask if it is ok to take your profits now. If you want to take your profits, go ahead but I will let you know when I am taking mine.

Please do not message me to ask me what I think the market will do. I don’t know what the market will do. I never have and never will.

If I send out a signals such as this… BUY WS30 16500-16900@16510 and the market currently is at 16505, then YES YOU CAN BUY IT AT 16505 because it is a cheaper price. Anything between there we say buy it and the floor/ceiling is an ok price to buy or sell.

So anywhere between 16510 and 16500 would be an ok area to buy

If i say to sell the 16500-16100@ 16480 and price is currently at 16490, then sell it because you got 10 points of a better price than we did.

The exception to this rule is that it must be within a few minutes of when we send the signal. You can not wait around all day and do it because it will not work then.

Alrighty, thats it. You have a great day!!

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