Pair Trade instructions

For my clients…

Here are the instructions and rules of the pairs trade I will send to you at 6pm tonight.

1. In order for this type of trade to have a chance to work, you have to take BOTH trades and you have to hold them till expiration OR close them both with a profit of more than $20 (include your commissions of 3.60) so actually hold this till you have a profit of $23.60 or more. You can not take one or close one or it will not work.

2. If you take the trade, do it in DEMO only because this trade may be a bit scary at times. Prices should move back together but they may also move wide apart from each other so remember…DEMO only till you know how this type of trade makes you feel emotionally. This trade is based on price discrepencies in the market

3. This type of trade has a high win percentage and if you like it, I will look for more for you guys. They can be taken every day. They usually win for 4-5 days in a row then lose for a couple of days in a row…win for 4 or 55…lose for 2…so forth and so on.

Here is an equity graph of a test of what it looks like.

Click on the picture to enlarge it. Look at the graph on the right. This is a potential equity graph over 3 weeks. I posted a longer version in the facebook group “nadex trading ideas” for you.

alrighty…until 6pm eastern…

Ya’ll are awesome! thank you for all the neat little chats we have throughout the day!

OK…Until 6pm eastern



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