What I learned this weekend in Washington D.C.

This past weekend, my wife and I, took at trip to Washington D.C. for business/pleasure purposes. We had a few things to do so we thought, “Why not make this a fun trip?” So that is exactly what we did. A few items on our agenda were:
1. Get some paperwork done at the Philippine Consulate
2. Meet with A politician
3. Spend time with Family
4. Make funny faces at the security cameras at The White House

Well we did them all!

One of the reasons I wanted to meet with a politician was to discuss some aspects of financial regulations. Here is how it went down…

I will not name names due to keeping this person anonymous. I speak with him often and even though I may disagree with him sometimes, I would not want to jeopardize his future.All that being said, he is a republican that leans more to the libertarian side so we do agree on a lot.

Here is what I wanted answers to… Why does government think they have the right to dictate how retail traders trade their own money (Frank Dodd) and what can retail traders do to overcome such legislation? I will summarize what He told me. Here are my findings.

Frank Dodd was never meant to help protect traders. No financial legislation is ever meant to help protect traders. All financial regulation is meant to help the “Big Players” It is often disguised so that not too many questions will be asked. If too many questions were asked and the media would hype it up, this country would cease to exist.

The financial bail outs of the big banks in 2008 were only a band aid to help delay the inevitable. If one of the big banks fail, and there was no bailout to the other banks, they all start toppling like dominoes. But you all already know that.

So then I asked, actually I pushed and dug deeper for a while, what the true reason behind the bill was. I was told that he who has the money runs the government. Senators, Congressmen, and even the President has no real power at all. They are all pretty much 90% useless because of the ways our laws are set up. There are only a handful of them that actually want to better the country and the others are only looking at the next election.

Why? Because it is the easiest job in the world where you can basically write your own salary. You can also write laws to protect you against certain crimes. You have travel and general life benefits that you do not pay for.

Those who want to better the country can’t do much because their votes are wiped out by the majority of corrupt politicans. Also the true politicians are blocked at every angle.

Here is how bills really get passed. Huge corporate leaders are the ones who write the bills. Lobbyists are the ones who get the votes. Politicians have to bow to the lobbyists because either the lobbyists have dirt on them and are holding them for ransom or the lobbyists have created back door deals way back when the politicians were running for office. If the politicians vote a certain way, then the lobbyists can and will release info that there was a back door deal.

Bills and regulations were written by the corporations for the corporations and that is just the way it is. There is nothing we, as normal citizens, can do to change that.

There are people in Washington that are fighting the good fight but there are many many more who just follow orders.

I am sorry that our government is like this but what can I do? I have no real power.

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