There come a point when you need to tell everyone to screw off!


Here is an update. I took the last couple of weeks and just took some time to get some home life stuff in order. I yanked my son out of this stupid government school system and began homeschooling him. He went from making crappy grades to A’s and B’s. Awesome! So I pretty much told the schools to screw off.

In my trading, I stopped looking at any “training” websites altogether and just took my package of knowledge in my mind and tried to make everything come together and work. I prettymuch told everyone of my mentors to screw off and go away. It has proven profitable. (Note- I am not mad at my mentors but rather there came a point when it was time to fly on my own)

I will post a detailed profit and loss statement on my next blog.

I am happy with the results.

STAY TUNED! I will try to post it within a week or so.

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