Self Analysis 02-20-2014


This is an analysis of my own trades over the past 10 days. I picked 10 days because I have been fiddling with what I should have been doing all along. Actually I have not been fiddling but rather I have been sticking to the straight and narrow rules of the strategy. I will post a pic below and have blacked out some things because some things are none of your business, no offense.

I used the same lot size on every trade.

I took 15 trades over the past 10 days.

Biggest Loser – 29.3 pips which took 1 hour.
Biggest Winner – 227.1 pips which took 8 days

Average Winner -63.8 pips (7 Winners)
Average Loser -11.7 pips (6 Losers)

Total Wins – 446.8 pips
Total Losses – 70.0 pips

Grand Total – +376.8 pips over 10 days

Average Daily P/L including Saturdays and Sundays – 37.68 pips per day profit.

Psychology Analysis -Over the past 10 days, I have deep in total concentration. I have ate and slept the strategies taught by I should have stuck to it in the first place. I am happy with the progress. It is still mind blowing how well the strategy is working with zero stress because after the first 35 pips, its impossible to lose from that point on because the stop is set at break even. Feeling good right now. I did give up some of the gains. Last night, my 227 pip winner was up to 340 pips and came back down to knock me out at 227 but the way I see it is what if it had not reversed? what if it had kept going? what if it will one day be one of those 1,000 pip in a week trades? Starting fresh again next week. woot woot. Im finally getting it.

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