An update on my activities over the past month

Hello boys and girls. December and the first part of January has been awesome. I have been able to do a lot of shiznit in a short amount of time. Here is a rundown…

First of all, we moved from a tiny condo unit to a spectacular house. This house is the most wonderful house I have ever lived in. The kids love it. My wife loves it. I love it. It is starting to feel like home since we have been here for a week.

Most people I know dread moving. They talk about the long days and untold hours of moving packing, unpacking, renting a truck, etc… Not us! We packed in one day and moved EVERYTHING the next day. Kapaow! and its done. It was 2 looooong days of grueling work but we did it. It has taken a bit longer to get everything unpacked here at the house but we are organizing and rearranging and all that. Soon we will have every piece of whatever in our house just the way we want it. My wife has done the majority of the decorating.

As ya’ll know, I created a channel for ROKU. It has been a success. As of today, roughly a month after launching, we have 400 people who have installed our channel and almost a whopping 5,000 videos watched! woohoo!

Also, I have been doing a bit of trading in between all this. I have been mainly trading on the nadex exchange. The binaries are looking and feeling a whole lot better as time goes by and i learn how they react. I am doing some research into a company called Apex Investing right now. Their stuff is pretty solid and I will spend today looking over a few things they have to offer.

One of the neatest things they offer is something called a binary scanner. This scans all the available contracts that nadex offers and spits out what you want to see. It is a nifty tool and a time saver.

So currently I am watching the USDCAD and Russell 2000. Gotta run for now.

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