Nadex 10 Day Challenge


Monday is my start to becoming a professional, full time trader.

Monday morning, I am starting a new challenge in my trading and personal life. If you have seen my lard ass self, you should know that I could stand to lose a few pounds. Well my wife loves a product called Advocare. Advocare is a natural weight loss products that works like a charm. They have these 10 day challenges that help a person burn an enormous amount of fat and lose an ungodly amount of poundage in the first few days of the ‘cleanse’. Well guess who is going on this 10 day Advocare weight loss and cleansing challenge as of Monday? Thats right… Big Daddy here will be!

In addition to going on the 10 day Advocare challenge, I want to take this advantage to go full force in everything for these next 2 weeks. I want to change my weight and the way I feel about my body. I also want to challenge myself in my trading career. So I will also be doing a 10 day Nadex Challenge and the outcome will make a drastic difference in my life.

Here is the deal. Point Blank, I will be attempting to trade for the next 10 trading days on the nadex exchage without a daily loss. I will trade in such a way that I either break even or make a profit for 10 straight days. Why is this a challange? Glad you asked. Here is the reason.

If I can trade for 10 days with 8 out of the 10 days profitable and the losses on the 2 days are much smaller than the wining days, then I will eliminate 1 workday at my job per week and spend that day trading from home. This is a huuuuge deal. I will be giving up 20% of my pay because I am so confident in my abilities. So from now on, if I can do what I say I can do, I will only be working 4 days per week. Later on, I will do the same thing and eliminate another work day and then another until I am a full time professional.

This is the actual start of my transition into professional status. Just like the insurance companies want to transition a person into Obamacare lol. I have to do this!

For me to make this a public statement, to tell my wife this is what I am going to do requires balls. I have a family to take care of so I had better know what I am doing.  I am super excited about this. I will post updates each day on facebook to keep you aware of my current status.

Here is my challenge to you. Can you trade for 10 days without a loss? It will make you pick and choose your entries.

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