Finding the right trade really doesn’t matter


So you wanna get in on a trend but there seems to be so much ‘air’ under you. What if price dive bombs on you for the next 300 pips? What then? Will you ride out a 300 pip decline and hope or pray it comes back and the trend continues? I will be sharing a few charts to deal with this issue.

The following charts are meant to be an additional explanation of an upcoming interview I will have with Rob Booker this week. I don’t know when (or if)  it will air but it will be recorded on 9-24-2013. I will be talking with him about a unique way of hedging your underlying markets.

Some of the things to be discussed:
1. How to profit if the market moves by X pips in either direction over the next X hours.
2. How to take a 15 pip stop on a 100, 200, 1000 move against you over the next X hours.

Basically this will be my point of discussion. So if you are listening to the podcast, take a look at the charts and you will understand what I am talking about. When the interview airs, I will post a link to it in this post.





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