I think I found my holy grail

In todays blogginess of blogtastic blogs, I shall put no images because what I am about to say just blew my mind recently. My dad always told me, “Son, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

I call Bullshit!

In life, there are many scams but there are also many opportunities that would just, flat out, blow our minds but we often do not try because we believe that if it is sooo wonderful, then it is probably a scam so why bother?

The year was 1995. I knew a guy that wanted me to join the most revolutionary multi-level marketing company ever known to man. I was to sell phone cards. He made it sound so wonderful that in 12 months, I could be making $1,000,000 per month! All I had to do was refer 3 people per week and then they would refer 3 people per week and so on. The thoughts of money was filling my head. I mean, how hard would it be to refer 3 people per week? thats only like 1 person every other day, right?

I quickly borrowed $200 from my mom and set out on my journey. The package with the vhs tape, sales material, and a few sample phone cards was what the money paid for. I set up meeting in homes of friends and the like. I went to gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, churches, and everywhere else I could think of and tried to get them to set up a rotating phone card stand.

I think I lost some friends over this venture because no one wanted to come around me for awhile. Every time they did, I was sure to let them know that I was the next billionaire because of this new found knowledge.

I ended up selling about 3 cards to friends.

Well the mathematical laws say that if 3 people joined every week for 6 months, that would mean that every man, woman, and child that was alive and had ever lived on the face of the earth would be selling phone cards.

I quit that business venture after about a month of trying. I told myself that shit like this was a scam, a big fat lie and it was all fake. I remembered what my dad had told me long before and this venture just hardened that belief. Anytime I came across a too good to be true scenario since then, I just overlooked it.

Then other side of the story… The guy who recruited me into the phonecard company didn’t get rich either. The guy that recruited him didn’t either.

Buy the guy who recruited the guy who recruited the guy who recruited me DID! He became a millionaire many times over. He did not scam anyone because the opportunity was there. It was not the opportunity for me at that time.

So this brings me to current day. I found something with my trading about a year back and it was “too good to be true” so I promptly put it in the back of my mind.

I came across it again about a week ago and just could not drop the issue. I had done about a thousand calculations and spent hours upon hours in deep thought on the issue trying to prove it wrong. I have asked math whiz people if the math is wrong or is there any way it can not work.

I think I have stumbled upon something so good that some say it is too good to be true.

I have found my holy grail. Not yours but mine. I have found a way to profit if price moves one way and lose almost zero if price moves the other way with no stop losses and almost no risk, except for just a handful of pips due to two separate markets being a few pips apart. (I say ALMOST NO RISK because there is always a bit of risk with anything.)

I am taking the next step and putting a few dollars of live money behind the theory. If I am right, I will share it….maybe. If I am incorrect, I will let you know as well. My next post will tell the tale.

I am super excited!

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