I screwed up this week

So sometimes, when you are doing really well, things go wrong. This is what happened to me this week. I had 2 exceptional weeks trading and the day I got myfxbook up and running, to prove my performance, I started making mistakes.


After long thoughts and arguments with myself, I can to the conclusion that I wanted to start off this public appearance with a bang. In order to do this, I took a few more risky trades than I would normally take because if these trades won, I would be the hero. I also listened to the news this week, which is a no no for me.

I was humbled by the market once again. I have stopped trading for the week unless I see a setup that is exceptional.

So Ryan, what are you doing this morning if you are not trading? I am so glad you asked! I still have my charts open and I am looking for good setups but in the meantime, I am scouring youtube looking for music I like. So here a few of my favorite videos below. This is to let you peek into the mind of Ryan.


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