Drill Down Session

AUD Weekly – The australian dollar is losing value against every other pair on the weekly chart except for the jpy. On the jpy, it has been losing value for the past couple of months only. The australian dollar is weak across the board.

AUD Daily – The Australian dollar is weak across the board on every pair

AUD H4 – Its kind of choppy on all pairs.

CAD Weekly – Ok this one is all over the place. I see no clear trend

Cad Daily – the trends are a little more defined here. uptrend on the usdcad, eurcad, gbpcad and downtrend on the cadjpy, and cadchf. this would indicate that the cad is weak on the daily timeframe.

The audcad is in a downtrend so since the aud is weak and the cad is weak, the aud is weaker than the cad. nzdcad is in a slighter downtrend as well.

CAD H4 – No real good defined trends but since the cad is weak on the daily, I would look more for opportunities to sell the cad. I do see some good s/r levels.

CHF Weekly – I see the audchf, nzdchf in solid downtrends and cadchf, gbpchf in slight long term downtrends. I also see chfjpy in a solid uptrend. This would indicate the chf is stronger than most pairs.

CHF Daily – It is in strong downtrends against aud,cad,nzd,gbp. The usdchf and eurchf looks like it could be trying to trend up. The chfjpy is choppy.

CHF H4 – Every single pair is choppy except for the usdchf. The usdchf is in an uptrend. Most pairs look like they are trying to cross into uptrends. The H4 5ema and 12ema are crossing up.
EUR Weekly – Looks like the eur is strong across the board with an exception of eurusd and eurchf which is choppy. eurgbp looks like a good cnadidate to break to the upside.

EUR Daily – The eurcad, euraud, and eurnzd are all in good solid uptrends. Something interesting I see is the eurjpy is hitting R1 so it has good potential to break to the upside. The eurgbp is nearing R1 which it has bounced off 7 times so a breakthrough of 0.86 area should yield a good uptrend potential.

EUR H4 – Everything is choppy. I would want to buy the eurjpy on a good heatmap signal.

GBP Weekly – Gbpaud and gbpnzd and gbpjpy are in uptrends. eurgbp is in a slight uptrend and looking to breakout so this would indicate that the eur might get stronger against the gbp soon.

GBP Daily – gbpaud and gbpnzd and gbpcad in uptrends but have pulled back. Gbpusd and gbpchf is in downtrends. The gbp is mixed on the daily.

GBP H4 – Solid downtrend on gbpusd. Hitting R1 on gbpjpy so this indicates a possible uptrend continuation. The rest are stuck in clusters of S/R.
JPY Weekly – ALL pairs are in long term uptrends which indicated JPY weakness. The aud, cad, and nzd have pulled back hard for the past couple of months. The chfjpy looks to be breaking R1 back to the upside soon. the usd, gbp, eur looks to be resuming the uptrend.

JPY Daily – The nzd and cad have a fresh cross to the upside. The aud will have a fresh cross if it continues up today. The eur is breaking R1.

JPY H4 – Usdjpy is trending. nzd is breaking to the upside. All pairs are nearing R1 which indicates a possible violent breakout to the upside.
NZD Weekly – The nzd is weak across the board. It looks like the nzdjpy is reversing to the upside but the jpy is the driver behind this. The aud is weaker than the nzd for the past year.

NZD Daily – The nzd is weak across the board on the D1 as well. but it also look like the nzd might be trying to break to the upside on the nzdjpy.

NZD H4 – A bunch of nothing except the nzdjpy uptrending.
USD Weekly –  The USD has been getting stronger against the jpy, aud, nzd, cad. It is not trending against the gbp, eur, chf.

USD Daily  –  Looks to be gaining in value on all pairs over the past 2 weeks. definable downtrends on the audusd and nzdusd.

USD H4 – The USD is strong across the board.

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