The Audio Journal chapter one


First of all I have a random thought. It is 3:33am on monday morning. I have a hot cup of coffee here, The aura is perfect with the soft glow of the lamp in my office. My beautiful wife and awesome kids are sound asleep. I am hearing GLEE singing “Like a prayer” on Pandora in the background. My mood is great and opportunities seem endless. I thank God for this morning.

Ok on to the meat of this mornings blog. Yea so my wife and I have been watching a new kick ass series on netflix. I was looking for a picture for the blog today and could not find one so instead, I will post a couple of funny images and if you are also a watcher of this specific tv program, you will see the humor in it.

 Ok enough of the morning blabber. I will tell you about a new thing I am really thinking of doing. I am thinking of doing it today. I have actually thought about it for years and I wish I had but there is no time like the present, right?

There are several podcasters that I love such as Rob Booker, Hugh Kimura, Tim Bourquin, and Michael Covel. These guys have helped me along my path filling my brain with hours upon hours of learning. Podcasts are a useful toll in my journey as a forex trader.

Many times, I will learn something new the 2nd or 3rd time I listen to an episode a month later or even a year later. Sometimes, I will reverse engineer what I think a guest is saying and learn something new. These podcasts are wonderful.

One of the most wonderful things I like about them is the fact that these guys have a record, until the end of time (unless we get taken out by an asteroid, a nuke, an emp, or any of the vast array of death items). I mean, seriously think about it because it could happen….

What if we had an actual audio recording, day by day, of Jesse Livermore, in his own words? How freaking cool would that be? And how cool will it be if a trader went from absolutely nothing to a smashing success and had a recording of exactly what he was thinking every week and tracked his journey?

Well Here is the thing. I don’t know how long I will do it. I dont know if I will even want to do it at a later date. But for now, I am going to create a ME Cast. I am not doing a podcast. I am merely going to talk into my Android free mp3 recorder while driving down the road and document my journey as a trader.

I plan on getting absolutely everything in my head onto a recording. The reason behind this is this. I am not sure what it feels like to “have a feeling that something is changing” or “have a gut feeling that life is about to explode in a new direction”. I can not explain it but I have had this feeling for about 6 months now and things keep happening that confirm it. Who knows if I will make a million? But if I do, I would like to document it for myself and for my family.

I do not always have time to type so when I dont and I have an idea that I would like to share to my blog, I will just record it.

It will be very unprofessional because I am not trying to sell anything and will not interview anyone (unless someone who just blows my mind comes across my path). This is not for anyone but me so I am not calling it a podcast. I am calling it an audio journal.

I should have one recorded by the end of the week. Then I will record them as I see fit. I will not have a schedule  because then it will not reflect my real inner emotions. A schedule would hinder my creativeness. If I want to record 3 per day or 1 per month, well that’s what I will do.

What will be in my audio Journal? I don’t know yet. Well I do but I am not sharing it here. You will just have to wait and see, because it might change.

Here we go!

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