Navy Seals and Forex Trading


…Pulled from the Navy SEALS website…Conducting clandestine missions behind enemy lines. Capturing enemy
targets and intelligence against impossible odds. Bringing a threatening
act of sea piracy to resolution in the blink of an eye. When they say
“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday,” it’s a motto backed by legendary

Do you see anything in this picture that reminds you of trading?

This is a picture of NAVY SEALS in training.

The SEAL training program is one of the most intense military training programs on earth.They first have to pass a pre-training physical fitness test. They then train for 12 grueling months and push their bodies to the limit every day. Most quit before the training ends.

Guess what they do when they finally become actual SEALs and they are ready for deployment? If they are not on deployment, they train some more. When they are tired, they train. When they are sleepy or hungry, they train. When they have given their all and they have no more mental or physical energy left, they train some more.

Why do they train so much and why on earth would someone want to put their minds and bodies through so much torture? Well the answer to that lies inside the mind of each SEAL and I can not answer that. All I know is that they want it bad enough to put themselves through the impossible to reach their goal. Theyy want it more than anything on earth. It is not one thing they want, but rather someone they want to be for the rest of their lives.

I love the fact that there are men out there who train so hard all the time. I know that whether they are hiding in a drainage ditch in the middle of Some country with bullets flying overhead, they will not crack under pressure.

Once a person trains for so long and so hard, they become at one with whatever they are training for. They become mentally submerged in that world. They have seen and experienced most possible outcomes so therefor they know how to respond. No second guesses. When the time comes to pull that trigger, there are no emotions and they do what they have to do. The do not sit and ponder on every aspect of the situation. They follow their plan and the result in most instances is success of their mission. Do you think the man who pulled the trigger on Bin Laden has a second guess? I don’t think so.

Now take the word ‘training’ and replace it with ‘testing’.

I am a forex trader but I am also a forex tester. I have got to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that when I pull that trigger, success will come. I can not second guess or I am dead. I can not ponder the outcome or I will be ruined over the long run.

I have to know that I know that my strategy works. How do I know this? How can I tell that what I am doing will prevail?

Testing. Test your strategy over thousands and thousands and even thousands of trades. Test it on every currency pair. Test it on every time frame. Test it in every single market condition you can think of. Try to make it fail. Try to throw obstacles in your way for you to overcome. If it is a robust strategy, it will prevail over the long run.

Try telling yourself something, which I will tell you after this paragraph, for the rest of your life. I say ‘for the rest of your life’ because if you are reading this blog, then unless you are determined to be a trader for the rest of your life until you succeed… or you are determined to never give up…unless you want this more than anything on earth… unless you are this person, GET OFF MY PAGE! Get off my page because I am not spending energy talking to those who want a quick fix or the wannabes out there. I am talking to the ones who are currently in the trenches battling it out everyday. I am talking to the ones who have worked so long on their strategy that they have laid in bed and their bodies actually vibrated and their eyes flickered like an old movie camera, from the lack of sleep. If you have never experienced this, I’m sorry but I have a feeling that you may not have what it takes.

Ok try telling yourself this…

I’m gonna test.
I’m gonna test some more.
When I have tested for all the hours I can possibly stand, I’m gonna test some more.
When I am so tired and want sleep, I’m gonna test some more.
When my buddies go out on the town, sorry guys, I’m gonna test some more.

This is how winners are made.

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