Green Poop VS. Chickens VS. Sweet Brown VS. The Market

 All I will say is, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

To understand the subject matter, one must watch the video to be in the right frame of mind for comprehension, first.

Story number 1

Here is the back drop… Last night, I was playing with my 2 year old son. He was singing and playing. He was running and happy. All of a sudden, he stops and has this funny look on his face like he is concentrating on a deep subject.

After a few minutes of, what I will call baby meditation, he starts to play again.

Then here comes the horrendous odor that filled the entire living room. Yes, Ladies and Gents… He had shat his pants.

So I promptly sweep him off his feet and stroll to the bedroom to do the dirty deed of changing a diaper. Lo and behold, what came before me was a double duty of nastiness. I even called for my wife for some help because at the time, I had not grabbed enough moist towelettes (thank you GLEE) and I could not let go of the boy because I did not want him to start crawling everywhere with a dirty butt.

My wife came in the room and she let out a shriek of terror at the robust stench of, what I can only name, ‘the green monster of all that is evil and horrid’.

We cleaned him up while he was squirming and trying play. We were all laughing at this nasty but hilarious situation and before a few minutes life was back to normal…..

Story number 2

I have another son. he is 16 years old. His passion in life is snakes, lizards, rodents, birds, or any living animal. He has a building out back where he houses his zoo of  wildlife. I am almost scared to go in there all by myself.

Seriously, the other day, he had some money…About $20 bucks I think. He wanted to safeguard it. He wanted no man to steal this loot for which he worked hard for at his Papaws house. So how does a 16 year old protect their money from robbers?

He puts the money in a deli cup along with live scorpions crawling all around. I don’t know about you but if I were a thief, I would rather rob a gas station than rob my son. LOL

Anyhow, yesterday, we went to visit my brother and on the way back home, my son asks, “dad can we make a pit stop? I NEED to pick up something.” I agree, not thinking anything about it. As the family sits in the car, along side a small country road waiting on our son to come back to the car, my wife and I start pondering the question, “What is he doing in there?”

Well here he comes carrying a box. He gets in the car with the box and I drive off. I ask him, ” Son, whats in the box?” He starts to laugh just as an evil mad scientist would laugh and then I hear some sound that I could swear was a barn yard sound. He had 2 chickens in the car!

He opened the box and in the rear view mirror, I saw a chicken head stick out and sing, ” bok bok bok!” I laughed, rolled my eyes. My wife held her hand over her face as she was yelling, “You have got to be kidding me!” LOL

Story #3

There was a news report of the video you just watched above. This woman ran for her life and at the time, her entire world was falling apart. In the end, all was good as she received many offers from businesses and now her life is much better than before (according to all the ads that I researched).

Moral of these 3 short stories…

Some times, life throws us curve balls. We can either adapt to the situations and try to find the good nuggets of happiness or we can just let situations overwhelm us.

How many times have you been in a trade and it stops you out, and you become depressed? The next day, you find out that if you had held on, you would have been way deeper in the hole than you originally thought the pair would have taken you. If you had averaged down, you would really be hurting.

When trading and life throws you crap, just take it. Shake it off. Live to trade another day. So you got stopped out. Big whoopty doo! Look 20 years down the road. Will you remember this one stop out? My hallucination is NO. What will you remember in 20 years? You will remember the time you had wished you had been stopped out. You will remember the time you got a margin call.

Take your small beatings and move on. Laugh at situations. This is the only way to survive in the trading world.



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