A HillBilly Trader Fest!


 This is the story of how 3 traders spent an afternoon…

I am super pumped today! Last weekend I had an experience that I believe changed the course of my trading career. You see, I respect very few people I have met in the trading world. The reason is because there are so damn many scams out there and you don’t know who to believe.

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to spend some time with 2 men that I hold a high degree of respect for. The first one I will speak of has been slammed for being a fraud in several forums and I had to find out for myself what was the truth. Up until this meeting, I knew a few things already…

1. He was very informative
2. He was extremely funny
3. He made sense to me

That is all I knew. So here is the story…

If you are an informed trader, then you know about Rob Booker. You know about his tour as well so I will skip all that. If you do not know about this thing I speak of, stop reading now because you will think I am a psycho or something. Go find out about what I am talking about first here- Traders Podcast.

OK..Back on track again…I knew he was going on tour to meet traders. I really wanted to have a sit down with him but I knew it was a long shot. I, never in a million years, would have thought that he would come to visit me. Who am I? Some Joe Schmo trader from the sticks? From the backwoods hillbillyville Tennessee? I mean, come on! I wanna meet Angelina Jolie but that ain’t gonna happen either.

Yea so I sent him an email anyway and got a response that said something like, “I would love come and visit if I have time.” At the time, I took this as an extremely nice blow off. I thought he was just using a nice way to say no. Well I didnt give up hope. I sent another email a few weeks later and he not only said he would love to meet with me but also that he wanted to record our conversation and tell my story! I was blown away. It was as if the windows of trader heaven opened up whilst singing children were in chorus together. Was it that or more like that or more actually like the Mr. Bean episode where he was singing “Hallelujah”?

So before he came, I kept asking my wife if I should put together a big presentation with charts on a big whiteboard or a power point thing and even props. This is what she said, ” Baby, you don’t want to scare him off. Just be yourself.” I was just so excited to meet Rob that I didnt want to come off as unprepared but I also didnt want to come off as a freakazoid stalker either.

So some might ask, “Why in the world were you this excited to see this man?”

Answer –  Because he is the only professional trader, who has made it, that I really relate with

Ok enough celebrity fan talk. Now lets get down to the meeting and what transpired.

I get to a little restaurant out in the middle of nowhere called Sweet P’s Barbeque and Soul House. I picked this place because the Man V Food guy ate 5 pounds of burrito there and it has raving reviews. I thought if Man V Food ate there, the Man V Market should eat there as well.

Rob and Brad pull up in the Prius. We have our normal greetings of hand shakes.We order our food and I tell Rob, “I will pay.” It was cafeteria style so we had to pay before seating ourselves. Rob quickly snaps back with, ” No I will pick up the tab. This is not an argument. I am here for you.”

Ding Ding. This shows character.

So we order our food and I had a blonde moment. Before I tell you about this blonde moment, Let me tell you of the first impression of Brad I had. He ordered “Brisket’. I dont know why but the absolute first thing that popped in my head was a picture of Howard from The Big Bang Theory! Haha!

So Brad was asking me a few questions about trading while Rob went to get a spoon or something. In response to one of Brads thoughts, I asked, ” Do you trade as well?” Duhhhhhh! In an instant, I felt like I wanted to immediately build a time travel device so I
could walk up to myself and slap the taste out of my own mouth. I was speaking to the CEO of Rob Booker Japan. Of course He trades.

I told Rob before we began that I may not eat because I was nervous. He had a look on his face similar to when a dog tilts his head sideways in perplexity. LOL. Speaking of LOL, do we really laugh out loud or do we laugh in our heads? I think this is a major conspiracy out there in internet land.

Uh Huh. So Rob sits down and we begin our interview. Both of these guys seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. They kept asking me questions that dug deeper into the subject and made insights on what they thought about the issue. The conversation seemed to flow with ease. Seriously, they immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable by the manner they conducted themselves.

As the conversation flowed, it was so natural, I remember feeling ‘In the zone’. It was like a bubble was around our table and I blocked out any outside distractions even though we were surrounded by people. I was focused on this mission… until I farted. Seriously i hope they didn’t hear me and I pray to God Almighty they didn’t smell me! We were outside on the patio so I think the wind blew it away. 😮

At one point, Rob and Brad took over the conversation and started speaking back and forth in a manner that made me laugh non stop. I tried to keep myself quiet because we were recording. When the podcast comes out, if it is on there, you will know exactly what I am talking about. I will post the link as soon as I can.

Ok here is the link : http://traffic.libsyn.com/traderspodcast/RB145.mp3

Here is an amendment to the interview:

1. I have been married 4 years, not 2 years. I was so nervous that what I was trying to say was something totally different and it came out wrong.

2. Yes disregard the first 3o seconds of the podcast as I sound like an utter ignoramus!

In all reality, I believe these 2 guys are genuine. They are the real deal. And I believe they are out on a mission to help traders succeed. I mean really succeed. This meeting is one of those moments that altered the course of my life. All week, I have been thinking more positive about my strategy. I am more and more confident in my abilities each day. I keep thinking, “If normal guys like this can make it, so can I.”

Furthermore, anyone who says Rob Booker or Brad Fried are scam artists are full of shit. See, most naysayers out there couldn’t trade a dollar for fifty cents let alone the market. They try to shift the blame to someone else. They don’t stick to the rules and then complain that the strategy didn’t work.

So Brad is CEO of Rob Booker Japan. Maybe one day I will be CEO of Rob Booker Philippines. It is a long shot but you never can tell.

Last thought… If I had to sum up this experience in one word… INSPIRATION

I highly recommend  checking out these sights. A ton of stuff is free…





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