From Scalping to aspiring trend trader

It is 5:12am. I have my trading platform opened and watching the pips come piling in. I am making more today than any other day in the history of my trading career. I am anxiously watching a firm resistence level. Price is about 1 pip away and just sitting there…wait…watch…wait….watch…There she blows! price is rising so fast now, it shoots through the top of the screen.

This is the awesome feeling for me this morning. Today make all the other days of pain worth it. When a person has the potential to make more money in one day than in the entire previous month..that what I call a good feeling.

For many moons, I went for 10 pips on every trade. I won about 90% and then lost it all in one trade, due to averaging down. Yea ok. trend trading, or aspiring to be a trend trader is what I want. It is where the truly big money is. I want that nice big house. I want that savvy life style. I want to travel to far off lands. I want to send my kids to nice schools. I want to buy my wife a clothing store franchise. The only way I see doing this is to follow the big money in the markets.

Right now, I still feel myself wanting to take profits at +20 pip or + 30 pips but what I am striving for is to be a +100 to +300 pip trader. It is super hard for my mind-NAY It WAS super hard but not anymore. I say this due to positive thinking techniques require one to always fake it before you make it. lol. Anyway the truth is that my mind still wants to take profits at 20 pips but I wait longer and longer each passing week.

Right now, I have a trade on that is +55.5 pips and I want to take those sweet and beautiful profits so bad. Every time it take a dip against me, I fear the drop to zero. But I wait. And now it is at 38.1 pips profit. Damn damn double damn. This is a true story. I am actually long the chfjpy on Thursday 1-17-2013 at 5:29am. Go check out what just happened. I am gonna go outside for a few minutes and see where it is at when I get back.

Maybe this is my problem. If I am to be a trend trader, I can not keep looking at the screen all morning. I have to set it and forget it.

OK I am back inside now. Well it has been about 5 minutes and price is rising to kiss that lovely resistance level of 95.83. And I wait some more.

My account keeps growing and I am trying every day to hang on to more pips. Its hard but its what will make me a Thurmon Howell maybe sooner rather than later.

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