Don’t fart when ya got diarrhea!



I was a pizza delivery driver for the longest time. I worked at Papa Johns and lived on my tips. A tip is extra money that customers give you if you have done a good job. I think the best tip I ever received and still remember to this day was the time a little kid about 11 years old told me, “Here’s your tip: don’t fart when ya got diarrhea!”

This little tidbit of information has been in my head all these years and often I ponder at the wonderment that it speaks of. I can even relate it to trading.

I also have another story, before I get into trading, that will explain exactly what happens when you have diarrhea and you want to fart. I was once an over-the-road expedite driver. My job was to deliver cargo van loads of supplies as fast as humanly possible. Sometimes the distances I had to drive in a day were over 1,000 miles. It takes a cargo van about 17 hours to go 1,000 miles and that is a long day at work.

Sometimes, I didn’t even have a chance to go to the bathroom as often as I would like because I was on a “hot load” as they would say.

I was sick one day and I was on a “hot load”. I kept talking to myself saying, ” All I have to do is sit here and turn this wheel all day. I can do this.” So I kept driving and stopping and driving and stopping. I think I took a watery dump about 14 times that day. I was behind on the load, meaning it was already late.

Later in the day, my diarrhea had stopped for a while and I was starting to feel a little better. I had just passed a rest area and was sailing smooth. I felt the urge to fart. At this point I was at a cross road… Do I risk it or do I play it safe and pull over at the next off ramp? I kept telling myself that the sickness was gone.

Well ladies and gents, I risked it and shit all over my self before I could stop. I filled my pants full of brown watery goo. Luckily I had extra clothes.

How does this relate to trading? I’m glad you asked.

Lest assume you have a trading strategy that finally works for you. Maybe you have been searching for years and it finally starts to give you some profit. As long as you stick to the rules of the plan, you are doing fine.

All of a sudden, one day you put on a trade and it immediately goes against you. You are so sure it will continue in your direction. You reassess the situation and decide, “Yes it has to go in my direction!”

You now begin to entertain the thought, ” Maybe if I move my stop and give it just a little more room” or ” maybe if I remove my stop because i don’t want a spike to take me out” or some bull shit like that.

At this moment when the thought even enters your head, you are at a decision making moment. Do I risk it or do I play it safe. If you risk it and give into that temptation and break those rules, you will most likely shit all over yourself and you know it.

If you keep breaking those rules time and time again, all you are doing is shitting all over yourself day after day and filling your pants with a slimy goo.

Trading rules are created for a reason. If you have a profitable system, don’t give in to those temptations. Keep a clear head and you will be fine in the long run.

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