A good nights sleep


A person might wanna listen to their dreams at night. Many times, when I am ambitious about a thing, I will begin to want it, then ponder it day in and day out. It is only when I begin to dream about it that it actually comes to pass.

I dont know about you but when I am dreaming at night, I dont know I am dreaming. At the time, it seems like real life…even when I am eating a 20 pound donut or flying a jet plane lol.

I have had 2 specific dreams in the recent weeks that have got me thinking. You see, it has not been that long ago when I was making a profit or loss of $1 or so all day long. I was trading micro lots. Actually I was trading only 1 micro lot, which is 10 cents per pip.

The first dream I had was making $800 in a single day. I was so excited. I was jumping up and down in amazement. At the time, I could not even see myself making $50 per day, let alone $800! After waking up, I kinda shrugged it off and thought that it would be a loooooong time before I could make $800 in a day.

Time goes by. I go from making $1 in a day to $2. Wow! I have just doubled my trading earnings! This is the actual thought i had. Time went on and before I knew it, I was making a mind boggling $10 in a single day! TEN DOLLARS people, TEN FLIPPING DOLLARS! woooooooooo hooooo!

I forget about the dream and just keep trading.

I begin to make $20 in a day…..




You get the idea.

Well last night I had another amazing dream. I was sitting in front of my platform looking at the GBP/NZD. I saw that it was sitting on monthly support. It was sitting there not doing anything. I short it. A bank intervention happens and it pushes the pair down thousands of pips in about 30 seconds. I look at my screen and my trade spike to a profit of $90,000! Before I could push the buy button, it spiked right back up and I got out with a $10,000 profit.

$10,000 in a single day!

I can see it. I can feel it. I can taste it. It is right around the corner.

You may say this is just a stupid dream but I say, ” So what? Its my dream.”

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