Tuberculosis flavored Coffee

Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center. I often spent almost every day here for my job. Walking in the lobby, down the hallways, through the spooky basement corridors, I often found myself wanting a good, smooth cup of hot -n- steamy coffee.

This is a fairly large hospital but I knew it well. I knew all the “secret” shortcuts.

Well they have a crappy coffee machine in the lobby. I would often partake in this filth just to get my morning fix. This coffee was like drinking mud. I would put in a dollar and the paper cup would drop down the chute. A dark substance would fill the cup half the time and squirt all over the inside of the machine, the other half.

Sometimes I would have the luxury of spare time and I would cross the street to the Pilot food mart. They had some awesome coffee! They had all the little, individually wrapped creamers and all the special frufru that comes with gourmet coffee.

However…they were not Starbucks.

On another note, I had to get a mandatory tuberculosis test in order to work at the hospital. I hated having this test. I put it off and kept procrastinating until one day my boss called me.

“Hey Ryan, today is the last day to get your TB test!” Grant told me. Oh fart! I thought I could slip by without them noticing.

Well I was griping and complaining to my wife on how this TB test was stupid…on how TB was eradicated here…on how pointless it was for me to get tested because if I did have TB, everyone would know it. I drove all the way to the hospital to get the damn test. Walked through the hallway with a big fat frown on my face. I was in a bad mood.

This was a hallway I have never been down before so as I was looking for the room where I was to take the test, I wasn’t paying attention and ran smack dab into one of those hand cleanser machine attached to the wall. Bruised up my arm real good. I thought, ” well this day is just nonsense!”

So I finally find the room and take the test. I leave the room and the most amazing thing happened! In a split second, my bad mood turned into the most joyous day ever!

It was like the clouds of heaven opened up and a shining beam of the Lord himself was gracing me with his holy honor! I thought I heard a choir of angels singing for what I saw beheld a moment of nirvana for me!

I had worked at this facility for over a year and never had I known, in this hallway I had never been down, there was a STARBUCKS!!!

I almost fainted and cried great tears of joy! The love I had in my heart was real close to the love Jesus had for the people of earth, while He was on the cross!

Ok ok maybe I exagerated a little.

In life, we often think we know about a particular thing. We know the ins and outs. We are aware of all the nuts and bolts of a particular subject.

Do we really know everything or can there always be a small area, that seems meaningless at the time, that if we were to look deeper, would behold a great fortune for us?

Look at your trading. Maybe you know everything. Or maybe you think you do. But what if you don’t? What if u are missing that one small piece of the puzzle that could turn it all around?

Maybe, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Think about something in your past that happened that was so small, it seemed insignificant but now you realize it changed everything.

Happy trading!

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