Those Who Work in Harmony

What is harmony?
The American Heritage Dictionary states that harmony is a pleasing combination of elements as a whole. I know what you are saying…That tells me nothing, Ryan. Yea ok. i will try to explain it in my own terms and why harmony is important, not only in trading but in everything.
Have you ever had a day when you woke up 2 minutes before the alarm clock feeling so great you wanted to live every second of that day with a smile on your face? You hopped up, brushed your teeth, showered while singing, went to work and loved yourself all day long. You felt wonderful. Food smelled better. People looked more attractive. The whole day was just fan-damn-tastic!
This is because you were in harmony with yourself, everything around you, and everything around everything around you. Harmony. When you feel it you know it.
Lets pretend for a minute that you got out of bed as the alarm clock was blaring and you wanted to throw it out the window. You finally drag yourself out of bed and felt like hampoop all day long. You hated work. You were in a bad mood all day.
This is because you were not in harmony with yourself or anything around you.
You may be saying to yourself right now that what i am saying is nonsense but i can prove it to you if you give me a chance. I can prove to you that harmony is a real thing that exists in everything.
Have you ever heard of a man named Leonardo Fibanocci? Well this funny named man was a mathemetician back in the middle ages. He found out that everything has harmony. Magic numbers control everything we are and everything we do, from the smallest of smalls to the vastness of the universe.
We can calculate the harmony of the galaxies using the numbers Fibonacci came across. The same set of numbers control the rotation of the stars and planets, the didtance of these plates from each other, the speed, the size…everything.
Fibonacci numbers are in sea shells, animals, plants. These magic numbers control how we live, how we think, and how we make love.  These numbers even predict how the financial markets operate. These numbers can be found controlling the whir of neutrons. I beg of you to do some research to prove me wrong. I also suspect that you will not be able to because these ratios are real.
So what does this have to do with harmony? Because when you are in harmony with everything, i guarantee that somehow fibonacci numbers add up some how.
When my wife and i started on this venture of forex trading, there are some things that came as an absolute shock for the both of us. We began to argue about various issues. We felt horrible and for a period of 2 weeks I could not make a winning trade. I traded with all of my rules but I could not become profitable. It was like life was choking both myself and Chris.
Then one day, we both had had enough. We decided from that day forward, things had to change. We talked and talked what seemed like hours about everything that was on our minds. I made her upset with some of the things I felt and vice versa. But we got all of our feelings out in the open. A weight was lifted. You know exactly what I am talking about because we as humans, have all been there.
We were not living in harmony at that time.
But we made a choice to go back to harmony. It was a struggle for us both. But we made it. Harmony is back. Profitable trading is back. Life is good. We choose our destiny. We choose to be harmonious or not. But in the end, sometimes those fibonacci ratios get you and drag you up or down without you even knowing. It happens everyday and if you know how to recognize it, you know how to go from being inharmonious back into harmony. When you are in harmony with yourself and everything around you, then nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams. Absolutely nothing.
Now my wife supports me by sticking by my decisions, by creating harmony in everything she accomplishes. She is the best woman I know. My best friend. The best business person I have ever encountered. She is the reason I am reaching my dreams today. She put me in harmony with the universe.
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