An Observational course in second guessing

 [Posted on Apr 1, 2010 @ 18:06]

Some might say:  Trading is like a fork in the road. You are driving down the road and you anticipate a fork. You see it up ahead so you start getting ready to take one of the roads. You pull up and stop the car. You look down one road observing what may be down that way. You look down the other one and wonder where it leads.
You take a glace at all the roadsigns. Turn left here. You see a big yellow arrow pointing left. You see a sign that even reads, “profits- turn left”.
You talk to the local gas station attendant that is there too. He tells you a line like this, Weeeeell. if you take the road on your right, you gonna have lots of pot holes and not to mention that a state trooper always sits down thar waitin for outsiders. You gottta get across them railroad tracks that always have a train blockin traffic. but now that i think about it, the road to the left is smooth. they just paved it last week. found out about that after goin to ma sisters house after church last Wednesday. we had a pot luck dinner for aunt Darlene. anyhow feller,  that left road is nice. real nice.
You sit and contemplate. The sun overhead is causing sweat to roll down your face. By leaning back on the hood, you talk and ask for guidance from your creator. Lord what should I do? All of a sudden, you hear a mighty thunderous voice coming from the pits of your being. It says, Take the road on the left.
You start up your car and give a little throttle. You take the road on the left and you are as happy as you can be. You see a sign that states,  Small bump ahead. So you slow the car down and you see it. It is a small speed bump.
You get so mad at yourself for listening to all the signs, the gas station attendant, and even God. You spit and moan and throw your hat on the ground. I have hit this bump! I have hit this mother bleeping bump! Screw this!
So you burn rubber to turn your car around and gas it. at about 90mph you turn and give your car a good sideways slide going down the road. You come upon the other road that everyone and everything told you not to take. You whisper to yourself, I’ll show them!
The second you hit the road, there are gravels being thrown at you from some type of demon creatures on the hill. You keep driving and the police start chasing you. high speed pursuit! as you are trying to outrun the cops, here comes a train. You try to gas it to miss the train but you are driving straight for a speeding freight train. all the time you know exactly that you are doing the wrong thing but you are in too deep now. you are in too deep and sooner or later, all this will are using up all your gas outrunning the cop and freight train and your car stalls on the tracks. having no more gas left, you jump out and begin running up a hill where you meet a weird man.
this weird man says, I can get you away from the cops and take you to the land of profits.   You have no choice so you oblige. he asks,  what did you pay for gas? you look at him kinda funny but times a ticking so you tell him you spent $20 on gas.  Ok my friend, for you I will charge $40 to get you to the land of profits. Hesitantly you pay the man. What else can you do? after walking through towns filled with drug lord and hookers, who you barely avoid, you get to this high mountain cabin. The man says, I will take you to the land of profits for another $80.
what!!! I already paid $40. but what can you do? nothing. You are stuck. So you hand over the $80. He tells you to follow him and you get to the next hill. He tells you, the land of profits is right over that hill. you can get there in 5 minutes but it will cost you another $160.
At this point, you have no money left. You try to bargain with him with what you have but he says, you either pay the money or do it on your own. Since you don’t have the money, you start running and running as fast as you can. the trees are so thick. up ahead you see a clearing. woohooo!   You think to yourself, I have made it! The feeling makes you run that much faster. faster and…… realize you have just ran straight off a 1000 foot cliff.

On the way down to your demise, you can see the road you were on before. a small sedan with a happy couple were just driving along and smiling. You see them slow down for the speed bump and just keep cruising. From that height, you can see the land of profits. all the building are made of gold.
As you plummet to your death, you realize, I should have never second guessed myself.

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