Don’t kill your goose

You may have already heard a story similar to this but I’m gonna tell it again anyway.

There once was a man who bought a goose at the market. This goose was the finest in all the land. The farmer gladly took his goose back to his farm and waited till it laid an egg. The very next morning, the goose had laid the biggest, most beautiful, golden egg! The farmer thought, “Wow! I have a goose that will give me all the gold I want!” Day after day, the goose laid one golden egg. The farmer would collect the egg and take it promptly to the jeweler and sell it for big money. After a week, the farmer got this bright idea. “I will cut open the goose and take all the gold at once. I will be rich then!” The farmer cut the goose open and this profit producing animal died. There was no gold inside.

Moral of the story… Don’t kill your golden goose! If you have a winning strategy, why tweak it if it is producing consistent profits?

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