Before you give up…

Before you give up…

I was searching through the web and found some interesting facts about a few millionaires. They didn’t always have it easy. Check it out.

Sylvester Stallone: Stallone actually wound up so broke and desperate that he was force to sell his dog for $50 in order to survive.

Henry Ford: His early businesses failed and left him broke five times.
R.H. Macy: He started seven failed business before finally hitting big with his store in New York City.
F. W. Woolworth: He worked at a dry goods store and was not allowed to wait on customers because his boss said he lacked the sense needed to do so.
Soichiro Honda: He was turned down by Toyota Motor Corporation for a job, leaving him jobless for quite some time.
Harland David Sanders: Colonel Sanders was rejected 1,009 times.
Walt Disney: He was fired by a newspaper editor because, “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”

Albert Einstein: He did not speak until he was four and did not read until he was seven, causing his teachers and parents to think he was mentally handicapped, slow and anti-social. Eventually, he was expelled from school.
Thomas Edison: His teachers told Edison he was “too stupid to learn anything.” He was fired from his first two jobs for not being productive enough. Even as an inventor, Edison made 10,000 unsuccessful attempts before inventing the light bulb.

Abraham Lincoln: In his youth he went to war a captain and returned a private. He also started numerous failed business and was defeated in numerous runs he made for public office.
Oprah Winfrey: She was fired from her job as a television reporter because she was “unfit for tv.”
Harry S. Truman: He started a store that sold silk shirts and other clothing–seemingly a success at first–only go bankrupt a few years later.
Dick Cheney: He flunked out of Yale University, not once, but twice.

Theodor Seuss Giesel: 27 different publishers rejected Dr. Seuss’s first book.

Charles Schultz: Every cartoon he submitted rejected by his high school yearbook staff.
Steven Spielberg: He was rejected from the University of Southern California School of Theater, Film and Television three times.
Stephen King: The first book by this author, the iconic thriller Carrie, received 30 rejections, finally causing King to give up and throw it in the trash at first.
J. K. Rowling: She was nearly penniless, severely depressed, divorced, trying to raise a child on her own while attending school and writing a novel.
Jack London: His first story received six hundred rejections before finally being accepted.
Elvis Presley: He was fired after just one performance. He was told, “You ain’t goin’ nowhere, son. You ought to go back to drivin’ a truck.”
The Beatles: They were told “we don’t like your sound, and guitar music is on the way out,”
Babe Ruth: For decades he held the record for strikeouts.

I ask you to research. Here are some more…

Louis Pasteur
Sam Walton
Larry Ellison
Michael Dell
warrant Buffet
Steve jobs
Richard Branson
Ralph Lauren
Fred Smith
Adolf Coors
John Nordstrom
Ross Perot
John Deere
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